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Garnets are not a single mineral, but a group that contains closely related minerals that form a series with each other. Such types are the Mozambique, Rhodolite, Spessartite, and Tsavorite Garnets. All varying slightly producing different hues and amazing qualities.

Mozambique Garnets, glowing deep red with hints of orange and brown, reminds us of an autumn harvest or Indian summer. Wrapped in its warmth, we feel protected against the storms ahead. It's no wonder that Garnet was once believed to have healing properties, particularly with diseases realted to blood.

The rich hue of the Mozambique Garnet enhances the designs that blend the exotic flavors of India, Africa, and the Orient. These styles relect today's culturally rich society, giving garnet special appeal to those who seek a sophisticated yet organic look.
Red garnet is typically the gem of choice for those born in January. However, the garnet family of gems encompasses a variety of groups and colors.

With its shimmering brilliance and raspberry freshness, Rhodolite Garnet can brighten the bleakest winter day. It immediately lifts the spirits and creates lively, exuberant excitement.

Tales of Rhodolite date back to the time of Noah, who is said to have steered the Ark by a lantern made of this dazzling gem. Rhodolite jewels were also favorite in ancient Rome and Egypt, where they were believed to ward off evil. The astonishing brilliance of Rhodolite now understood to result from its high refraction of light, may explain the stones legendary reputation for magically illuminating the night, and banishing dark dark spirits.The rich hue of Rhodolite Garnet boasts undertones of rose and plum. A sumptuous gem, it makes an ideal accessory for the vivid designs of spring, as well as, the understated styles of winter.

From the flowers of spring to the summer melons, from autumn leaves to winter sunsets, orange is a color seen throughout the seasons. Boasting the same hues, Spessartite is a gem with year-round fashion potentioal. Its natural color is ideal for those who seek accessories whose beauty is unaltered. Only recently available to designers, the stone has quickly become a favorite of jewelry buyers everywhere.

Spessartite Garnet was first discovered is the German Spessart Mountains. Unfortunately, so little was found that the rare gem was largely reserved for collectors. This remained so for many years, until another source was discovered. Today this brightly colored stone is often referred to as "Mandarin Garnet."

Rich, intense, and boasting very high brilliance, Tsavorite Garnet is a refreshing surprise of sparkling verdant color. Its tones range from a light spring green to a deep, breathtaking shade of forest green, making it oneof the few gems to rival Emerald in both color and beauty.

The alluring gem is especially striking on pink, brown, or peachy complexions. Its lighter shades are attractive to individuals seeking youth and vitality. The natural untreated, color of Tsavorite Garnet also captivates cosumers who value tranquility and seek the creation of a better world.

Scientific Qualities:

  • Gem Species: Mozambique - Pyrope Rhodolite - Rhodolite

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