Gem of the Month — October

The color of the rainbow. The glow of the Northern Lights. The dramatic flash of summer lightening. All the colors of the evening sky are captured in this mysterious, shifting hues of Opals.

With its pulsating display of fire and color, Opal was long thought to hold magical powers. For this reason, rare Opals were often reserved for royalty. The crown of the Holy Roman Emperor held a superb example , a fiery red opal called "The Burning Fire of Troy." This was given as a gift from Napoleon to Josephine - forming part of the crown jewels of France. Queen Victoria also loved Opals, and often presented them as wedding gifts.

The changing colors and flashing fire seen in Opals are symbolic of love, life, hope, and truth. Its rainbow of hues make Opal an ideal fashion accessory with year-round appeal, particularly among those who seek drama and harmonic balance.

Opal is often used to celebrate those born in October. It also is the gem used to commemorate the 12th, 14th, or 18th wedding anniversary.

- White Opals: An opaque gemstone with vibrant flashes of color throughout

- Black Opals: Found only in Australia, these rare and beautiful Opals speak of mystery and drama. With a deep and smoldering color these too have a shining rainbow burst of color throughout.

- Mexican Fire Opals: Brilliant orange, shot through with bolts of flaming red or electrifying yellow. Fire Opals boasts bold, intense, juicy color - strengthened by the sparkle of a richly faceted surface and smoldering with interior fire. Bursting with life and vitality, Mexican Fire Opals is a riot of dazzling color. One of the most vibrant gems of our time, it brings a life to jewelry that demands attention. Its blazing orange color, one of the boldest of natures hues, communicates security and success, as well as health and vitality. As the name suggests, Mexico is the country that produces this transparent opal. Unlike White Opal, Fire Opals are faceted, allowing for their sunny brightness to shine through.

Scientific Information:
Gem Species: Opal
Hardness: 5 - 6.5
Sources: Australia and Mexico
Quality: A - AAA

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